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FUN ACTIVITY Previous Next Previous Next Previous Next Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun. As we find ourselves in lockdown, our whole team put together some ways to keep our children with fun learning opportunities…. These activities helped our kids engaged and hone their artistic talents as well as sharpen […]

Cybersecurity and children.

Our lives today are surrounded by breakthrough technologies. Our reliance on technology is ever-growing. Therefore, it is very natural for school children to use the internet as an integral part of their daily routine. Children use the internet for academic use as well as personal use. Cybersecurity for children is one of the most pressing […]

Skills for School Students

important skills

The world is undergoing a digital revolution. The economies of the world are no longer distinguished. Automation and Artificial intelligence are some of the technologies that are affecting our lives on a fundamental level. Similarly, the emergence of blockchains and dropshipping has made a drastic impact on how our society works. These developments have made […]

Best school in Rohini- Ganga International School

In our society, the importance of quality education cannot be stressed enough. Parents want their children to have a good education so they can be better citizens and individuals. Therefore, every parent wants their children to study in the best school and receive a quality education. Ganga International School is the best school in Rohini. […]

Effects of positive parent-teacher relationships

ganga international parents corner

The schooling years are the most important in a child’s life. Parents of each child want that their wards get the best of everything. Similarly, they give a lot of importance to education. Parents and guardians look for the best of schools so that their children can get the best. This blog looks at the […]

Exam Stress- Tips to overcome exam fear.

tips to deal with exam stress

The exam season is just around the corner. The winter break is a good opportunity to reflect upon it. But, sometimes students take unnecessary stress and can get exam anxiety. Dealing with this can be very challenging. Students who are going to appear for their boards should keep the utmost care. Teachers at Ganga International […]

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